Search Engine Marketing Facts – 2020


Search engine marketing is a complex field to understand compared to other forms of marketing. The vertical is much like the blueprints of a car/airplane motor. There are many different attributes, parts, and series of wires that connect to various aspects to the vehicle. A vehicle is like a metaphor of the customer because their site(the client) is being powered up by trusted, real, and organic websites that pertain to their field. This blog will describe, differ, and disseminate the differences of the kinds of marketing.

A good book to read about advertising or marketing is to begin at the foundation. Claude Hopkin’s Scientific Advertising is the start. Something phenomenal marketers, businessmen, and overall good salespeople believe in is providing complimentary value without a price tag. Hopkins says it best, “We offer a sample, a book, a free package, or something to induce direct replies. Thus we learn the amount of action which each ad engenders.

Claude Hopkin’s best seller goes to the roots of advertising.

Claude Hopkin’s book on Scientific Advertising speaks about advertising in newspapers, the first ever source of reaching potential customers. It is important to understand this approach because as America was founded this was the only way salesmen could help potential buyers discover products at a reasonable price.

As time and technological advances continued, more and more people turned to television for their marketing medium. Televisions could offer live visuals, exotic sounds, and reach consumers in ways that newspapers could never achieve. It all started with black and white television marketing. As you can see the Folger’s Coffee advertisement from the 1960’s, it showcases 3D visuals, exceptional sounds, and a story to back up their case. – Tastes GOOD AS fresh-perked!

Television marketing today is even an important source to many folks around the world. You can find a colored TV and tune in to commercials airing from Mexico, Columbia, the UK, or wherever you want to find your products. The ease of discovering services from the comfort of your living room has absolutely changed the world for the better…or worse?

A study from Life Hack reports that Television should be avoided in general due to these three points;

  1. It Creates Unrealistic Expectations – Reality television shows flaunt men with chiseled bodies and women with perfectly round curves. These kinds of expectations are thrown onto our children and our families. This can ruin their expectations to achieve normal goals or to even continue as a human being.
  2. It Degrades Your Self Control and Discipline – It degrades your understanding of self control and your limitations regarding your health, wealth, and happiness. Sitting around watching advertisements, television shows, and nonsensical media bias can change the psychology of a person.
  3. The Health Effects of Sitting Down – The health of sitting down is absolutely detrimental. Imagine watching television all day for 8 hours a day?! The implications are crazy. People become overweight, lazy, and expect standard and norms from a box. Reality is around you, not inside of the box.
Television can addictive, unproductive, and brain-washing.

Today’s world calls for a new kind of marketing or reaching potential consumers around the world. The Internet. Birthed in the 90’s this medium has revolutionized the sales space. You can go to any search engine and look for any kind of product at the ease with a few keystrokes. Imagine how easy it is to find the best SEO Consultant by searching, “Fort Worth SEO” You can easily discover the greatest on the web with a few keystrokes. – Fort Worth SEO

Who cannot forget the infamous sound of dial-up?! It’s like a portal being open into another dimension.

Today’s Internet has evolved into something less spammy, more organic, and absolutely more helpful for the average searcher of the web. Search engines are now designed to help the consumer find the most relevant content on the web. To understand this process we gotta understand links.

Links are locations that point to other places on the web. As you can see, this link points to the best marketing standards on the web. It is a link because it is blue and takes us to another place on the internet. This helps robots, computing spiders, and other crawlers discover the correct links that associate with the relative location it is being sent from on the World Wide Web.

Now that you have a basic understanding of different understandings of advertising, marketing, and the evolution of it you can make educated decisions to find the product or services of your dreams! Be safe and enjoy yourself out there!

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