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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you ever buy books from private collectors?
A. Yes, every day that we can.  Just email or call us with a list of your offerings and reasonable expectations.
      Most often we can reach a deal within 48 hours.We also buy many pre-1970's magazines and racing programs.

Q. Do you publish a glossy color catalog that you can mail me?
A. We don't, but you can print one.  Many of our titles are out-of-print and exist in (1) quantity only.  With stock
      changing daily any catalog would be long obsolete before mailing.  You can live print any page or even all pages
      from our web site by clicking your browser's "print" icon.  Load lots of paper.  There are over 300 printed pages of

Q. Some books are described as "Fine" or "Near Fine".  Is this different than "Excellent" condition?
A. The only difference is that we’re using book terms.  You can learn more about how we select and grade used books
      by clicking here to review Book Conditions. This section will also explain all of our abbreviations.

Q. I am an International Customer.  Will you mark my purchase as a Gift for my International Customs Form?
A. Always, if we give it to you.  No if we do not.  We must truthfully swear that your Customs Form states your
      actual merchandise value.  Merchandise is not a gift.  However most countries will not tax used books when clearly

Q. Besides selling Mail Order do you have a real store we can visit?
A. Yes. Click here to learn more about our Vermont Storefront.  Individuals and car clubs are always welcomed.
      Or click here to view our 2008 Exhibition Schedule where we also set up at many East Coast Vintage Races.

Q.Can you help me to locate a rare special book, or can you provide custom services like giftwrapping?
A. Absolutley. It's our pleasure to offer both services. Just inquire.