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Book Conditions and Abbreviations

Abbreviations: Our books are described so that what you select is what you will reliably receive.  Publishers are fully noted for foreign or domestic editions.  Date means the actual printing date of that copy.  HB = hard bound.  DJ = dust jacket.  NDJ = no dust jacket.  When you see HB without any DJ notation: these copies are non-jacketed as they came from the publisher.  SB = softbound.  PBK = pocket book.  Ex-lib = ex-library.  Most of our ex-libs show little evidence of library markings. They are typically bound in a higher quality paper to survive public circulation.

Condition Grading: Fine = that exact bibliographic description for "indistinguishable from new - as in mint". Presumably such books survive in near vacuum being untouched by curious hands.  Expect a copy which is "absolutely as new" in every respect.  Otherwise:

NF = Near Fine: Nearly as new.  Has been handled gently and with care.  It will have no jacket chips, page smudges or binding wear.  Expect it to be fresh and crisp from cover to cover.  It may be a shelved but otherwise unread copy.

VG = Very Good Condition: Shows light handling or shelf wear consistent with age and several readings.  Expect a nice "better than average" copy with minor imperfections which has been treated thoughtfully by careful readers.

GC = Good Condition: Has been heavily read and often enjoyed but hasn't been badly abused.  There may be wear signs throughout that have been carefully repaired.  Expect it in sound condition.  It is an average good reading copy.

FC = Fair Condition: Luckily it survived a pit fire.  Or maybe we found it under the spare tire of a '52 junkyard Frazier.  Perhaps it is water stained or burdock infested.  However it is fully legible and largely complete.  Honestly? We don't stock many FC books.  When you buy one you can be sure it is really dirt-cheap.  We can be sure that you drive something rare or just plain weird - and thus something highly desirable.  We will notify you if better copy becomes available - and thank you for giving this sad neglected copy a happy and loving home.