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Our Motorsport Book of the Month Club

Here's how it works: Buy any book once at its regular price and you become eligible to buy each current Book of the Month Club selection at 25% off its regular price.  Your eligibility lasts for 12 months from your first date of purchase.  There is never a minimum monthly requirement.  To renew your Membership after one year, just buy any regular book to enroll again.  There are no gimmicks or tricks.  The whole program is stated completely in this paragraph.

Q.Can I enroll with any book on the website, even a Clearance title?
A. Certainly.  We love a good bargain ourselves, and encourage comparative shopping.

Q. Will you ever automatically send me a book if I haven't deliberately bought it?
A. Never.  The only way to buy a Book Club selection is to personally put it into your shopping basket.

Q. Does buying a DVD qualify as a Book Club enrollment purchase?
A. Buying a DVD does not substitute as a book purchase for Book Club enrollment.  But with shipping costs of only $1/ea with any book order we hope you'll enjoy adding Movies on DVD for your widescreen enjoyment, too!

Q. Do you disclose my name to any third party that may result in junk mail or Internet Spam?
A. You will never receive 3rd party contact.  As a Club Member you will receive our short monthly email offering sneak previews of the upcoming selection.  You always can opt out of notifications by clicking the "No Contact" box at the end of your order form.

Q. Is there anything I've forgotten to ask?
A. Only this: Each Book Club selection runs for one calendar month.  When any month changes the discounted selection changes with it.  Sorry - but we haven't figured out Time Travel to "go back" to a previous month.  In that case when you snooze, you lose.  But isn't that just like racing?  We hope you enjoy the program!  Click here for your current Book of the Month Club selection!