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About Us

Our Founders

Green Mountain Motorbooks was founded in 1997 back when the Internet was the age equivalent of Henry’s first Model A.  We were among the first 3 online bookstores specializing in racing history.  Originally started as a kitchen table hobby to sell duplicates from our personal collection today we’ve grown into a full time business as one of the top rated sources for supplying out of print racing classics.  We also provide a rare book search service which is a valuable tool for the serious collector.

Town Store

As DVDs have increased in popularity we’ve tried to keep ahead of that curve by developing what has become the largest single source catalog of car and motorcycle theme Hollywood movies currently available.  Our next project is to develop equally deep listings of vintage and contemporary racing footage.  We are located in the little village of West Rupert, Vermont.  Our town hasn’t changed much since this 1960’s postcard was taken one typical Autumn day.

There are still many more cows than people where we live.  Everyone knows your first name.  The state’s nearest traffic light is nearly 20 miles away over the mountain in Manchester.  Deer regularly graze in the field behind, and there are flocks of wild turkeys and pheasant the next field over.  The streams run fresh and pure.  It is a wonderfully informal and relaxing environment.  But best of all (from a driving perspective) every Winter when the snow is deep and plowed high on the berm you can take the perfect line through a certain section of twisty back roads and set up four wheel drifts that take hours to wipe the grin off your face.  If you love old cars, unspoiled vistas and two lane country blacktop come visit us if you’re in the neighborhood. Just call first as we are frequently out and about.  If you live too far away please visit us online.  We are open on the Internet 24/7/365.